GBACR data helps researchers better understand cancer occurrence and survival in the Greater Bay Area.  The GBACR is also used by researchers locally and nationally to study cancer causes, treatment, and prevention. 

Our research goals are to:
  • Describe cancer statistics in the Greater Bay Area in annual reports and special-topic reports
  • Identify differences in cancer occurrence, treatment, mortality and survival according to demographic, temporal, social, or geographic characteristics and publish these findings in reports and peer-reviewed literature
  • Conduct detailed research studies to help identify cancer causes and ways to improve cancer survival
  • Assist the research community in using cancer registry and related data to reduce the cancer burden in the Greater Bay Area
  • Respond to requests for data and statistics on cancer
Some areas of interests include:
  • Identifying and understanding patterns and disparities (including racial/ethnic differences) in the incidence, treatment, and survival of various cancers
  • Understanding geographic variations in cancer, from risk factors leading to the development of cancer to factors influencing survival after cancer
  • Understanding how social and built environments impact cancer occurrence, cancer treatment, and cancer survival